1. Balance out your diet throughout the week.

 On the days when you are at home and don’t have any parties on try to balance out the party food that you will be eating with good nutritious foods that are lower in calories and higher in protein, fibre and vitamins. This will help you keep your weekly caloric intake reasonable for your body type.


  1. Prepare your gut.

Have some foods that are rich in probiotics to balance out your gut health, as this time of the year can be really hard on your tummy with all the alcohol, fatty and processed foods.

Good options are natural yogurt (check to make sure it has at least a couple of probiotic cultures in there), Kefir, Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Miso, Tempeh (fermented soy bean), Kombucha.


  1. Don’t skip breakfast on those big party days.

We all have done it; thinking that if we don’t eat breakfast, we will save the calories for that massive lunch. The problem with that however, is that you will turn up to the party so hungry that you will end up eating way more extra calories than what your healthy breakfast would have been.


  1. When you arrive to the party.

Let your first plate be filled with veggies, seafood and healthier options first and let your first glass be filled with water. Once you have had that, go for the naughty treats and the wine or alcohol. By all means I want you to enjoy yourself during the festive times because well, YOLO.  But what I don’t want you to do is to end up eating way more than you actually wanted or needed just because it’s there. Filling your belly with good stuff first will mean you will be semi full by the time you hit the fatty sausages, bread rolls and cake. So you are more likely to end up eating less of it, for enjoyment, not out of starvation or FOMO. And having that glass of water 1rst means you will be well hydrated to balance out the dehydrating alcoholic beverages.


  1. Don’t skip working out. Burn it off. Sweat it out.

I know we all get very busy with organising, hosting, last minute shopping, for some school holidays activities and travel. But because you are most likely to slide off your regular diet (presuming it’s a relatively healthy one), if anything you need to up your training. This will help you burn more calories and help reduce water retention. So don’t skip that jog or a training sess, don’t say Ill get back into it in the new year, make it happen now, squeeze it in whichever way you can. Get up early if you must. The more you stay on track the easier it will be for you to get right back into it in the new year.

 And my bonus tip is enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and don’t feel guilty.

Have a wonderful holiday and an amazing start to 2020.

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 Just in case you want to bring some healthy treats to the party, here is a protein ball recipe.