Mobile Personal Trainer Inner West

Personal Training Inner West & surrounding areas. 

Mobile Personal Trainer Inner West – your local personal trainer comes to you. 

Our mobile personal trainers are ready to come to your home of local park near you to help you get in shape this spring.

At Fluro Fitness Sydney our experienced personal trainers in the Inner West can help you finally break through that plateau and help you get on track with your fitness.

Whether you are looking for weight loss, to improve your overall fitness, tone up or build strength we can customise a program that is suitable to your level.

Mika and Liv are understanding, caring and motivating coaches around Leichhardt, Hurlstone Park or surrounding suburbs and have been helping locals for over 15 years achieve their goals.

Couples personal training is one of our specialisations. We love helping families get fit together and can customise exercises to fit specific goals and fitness level for each of you.

We also coach small groups, so if you have a family member or a friend and you want to train together just get in touch and we will let you know how we can make it work.

The best bit is, if you are a busy mum and need to bring your kids along or want us to come to your home and provide mobile personal training at your home, we can do it to. Being parents ourselves, we understand how tough it can be to fit a workout it sometimes, so we will do our best to make it easy for you.


PERSONAL TRAINING leichhardt & surrounding suburbs

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What our clients have to say…

I approached Liv approx 4 months ago and shared with her my dream of competing in Bodybuilding comps. Never in my wildest dream did I think it would become a reality – but it did, and resulted in 3 medals: 2nd Place Fitness Over 30s, 2nd Place Bikini Over 30s, and 1st in International Swimsuit.

Liv is an incredible trainer, supportive, hard ass when she needs to be, empathetic and understanding, motivating, knowledgeable, creative, encouraging – and generally just an all around amazingly beautiful human being.

Liv coached me through 4 months of gruelling prep, in which there were plenty of tears, threats to quit (only from me – though I put her through so much I’m surprised she never threatened to quit!), sweat, laughs, and fish and brocolli....and more fish and brocolli.

Liv was there for me whenever I needed the support, and when I say support I mean literally glueing my bikini to my butt….she was always there for me.

I couldn’t recommend Liv highly enough, as a coach, as a trainer, as an instructor. She is one of a kind.

Lauren Booth

I have been attending the Fluro Fitness Bootcamp since the beginning of this year. Not only have I become much stronger and fitter I have also been losing the cm’s. Mika and Liv are motivating trainers and provide a variety of activities – not one day has been the same workout – which makes it motivating to attend multiple days a week. I have never stuck to an exercise activity for as long as this before and I still enjoy going to every session.

Felicity Madin

I’d called so many gyms and PTs before I found Fluro Fitness. As soon as I joined, I knew I was in good hands. I did eight weeks PT with Mika and enjoyed it so much I joined boot camp. The classes are fun and engaging, and suitable for different fitness levels and strengths. In addition to food plans and training, Liv and Mika are always happy to share their insights on healthy living and simple ways to reach your goals. I couldn’t be happier

Freye Lowery

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