Couples & Buddy PT

Train with your partner, friend, family member or colleague and save.

Couples personal training session but for two people, train with your partner, your best friend or a colleague. We will make sure that both of you receive a proper fitness assessment that will help us to determine each of your individual fitness level, abilities and goals. And even if the two of you are after different goals eg. a male may wish to increase muscle mass and strength, whilst a female may want to simply tone up without gaining too much muscle or vice versa, we can create a personalised routine for each of you even if you train together. This is a great saving as you pay a lot less than if you are training on your own. And of course it is much more fun and motivating. Our Sydney Personal Trainer will come to your location. We service Inner West, select areas in CBD or between CBD and Inner West, select locations in the Eastern Suburbs and St George Areas. (contact us today if unsure about your location). 

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