15 healthy food items I buy every week to stay lean.

In this video I show my 15 healthy food items and healthy snack ideas I go to weekly to stay lean. As a buy working mum I don’t have time to always prepare proper meals for myself and often need something to grab and go, but I refuse to buy fast food as being a Personal Trainer Sydney I understand how important it is to stay consistent with healthy eating daily to not fall off the wagon, which is easily done for us mum when we are running around trying to manage everything. This is a live video recording from my Wednesday night weekly chats, if you want to tune in to watch weekly and ask me fitness and nutrition related questions live follow our FB page https://www.facebook.com/flurofitnesssydney/

Here is the quick list of my food items in case you don’t have time to watch the video. All items can be purchased from Coles, Woolworths or ALDI. 

1. Baby cucumbers or regular cucumbers

2. Cherry tomatoes (easy to grab, mess free)

3. Fruit, especially berries in season

4. Avocados (ofcourse) 

5. Cos lettuce (can use it instead of bread for sandwiches for low carb burger/ low carb sandwich

6. Eggs (boil and have ready in the fridge to grab, or have an omelette any time of the day)

7. Cottage chees (low fat)

8. Fetta (fat reduced and ideally salt reduced if you can find it, but regular is fine in moderation)

9. Beetroot hummus, tzatziki dip, avocado dip, eggplant dip (Babaghanouj) 

10. Kids cheese triangles like Cowbell (very low calories)

11. Chicken drumsticks (season with dry herbs and spices and oven bake, easy lunch on the go)

12. Sliced turkey breast from deli section

13. Smoked salmon

14. Turkey rissoles/patties either bought or home made if you have time, will post recipe in another blog shortly.

15. Protein bars and sugar free bars Musashi Wafers, Atkins Low Sugar Treat, Arvo by Aussie Bodies.  (I eat occasionally for sweet treat as it is a processed food, but my must have to )