The short answer is yes, because this is one of the key things, we help many of our clients with. In fact, this is a most common problem that our clients come to us for. They seek solution to their flabby tummy and increased body fat due to poor diet or lack of exercise. Often hormones and stress come int to play too, but with good nutrition and exercise a lot of those things can be improved dramatically.

Our goal is to customise the program to each individual client, so if weight loss or more specifically reducing body fat, is your goal then we will help you develop a healthier lifestyle by helping you with nutrition and build a program for you that will be fat loss focused.

However, we will often encourage to add some resistance training as it will help you long term in keeping the weight off, because the more muscle mass you have in your body the more your metabolism increases. We are not talking “Arnold” type muscle, we are talking about toned, firm lean muscle mass that will help you with posture, over all shape and definition of your body and help you get read of flabbiness, which often can contribute to looking bigger than you actually are.

There are 2 very important things you need to consider though when undertaking one of our programs for weight loss.

  1. Consistency – staying consistent with your training is crucial because this is what will keep increasing your metabolism and help you progress forward. Stopping and starting or having long breaks and cancelling sessions will definitely hinder your progress and you won’t see the results you want in a reasonable time frame which can cause loss of motivation and quitting too soon.
  2. Diet – I am sure you already know this, but diet and exercise are best friends, you can’t make one work well without the other. We will provide you with nutrition plan if you need a detailed and specific diet or we can tweak your current diet if you are already eating relatively healthily and perhaps you just need a bit of accountability, may be some new interesting and easy to prep recipes or just a bit of structure and help with portion control.

Finally, our job is to provide you with the right tools and solution to your problem, but it is your job to put in the effort and implement the tools, and make the most of the program.

Simply turning up to a couple of sessions a week and going through the motion just to get it over with is not going to help you see result that you want.

You must commit and prioritise before you start, and then don’t stop within the first few weeks, real healthy, toned, lean body comes with time and effort. We will help you every step of the way, as long as you follow our guidance, together we can achieve the results that you want.

Please feel free to contact me at any time so we can discuss the best option and program that will work for you.

Either go to our website link in bio if you are on Instagram or simply give me a call on 0410 337 313. I am always happy to have a quick chat and discuss your needs.