Do you feel like no matter how hard you work and how well you stick to your diet sometimes, weekend food just sticks to you? All you have to do is have 1 sniff of a garlic bread, a tablespoon of a Tiramisu and a glass of wine, may be a few cheese and crackers over the weekend. Like, what about all that good healthy food you ate all week long, and all the chicken salad lunches you brought to work with you, does that count for nothing? Fat loss can be frustrating.

Writing this email, while I am digging into my hot bowl of choc chip peanut butter cinnamon oatmeal for an afternoon snack.

Do you say to yourself, ‘well it must be my age, metabolism just slows down as we get older. I just need to eat less and do more cardio, may be I should cut down more carbs’. That would be so bloody sad, ‘says the bread lover over here’.

What if I told you that you can have the best metabolism roaring in your 30s, 40s and 50s and look better, fitter, stronger, more toned than you did in your 20s. What if in your 20s you would say, “I wish I could have the body like I will in my 40s” lol

You can override your age with training. I did this for myself and for many of my clients. It took me some hard work to flip their cardio bunny fat burning mind set upside down. But those who listened – succeeded. It’s super simple really, not quick and easy, but simple. No tricks or gimmicks, just training the right way and eat to support your training.

Stop doing all that cardio to burn off the weekend binge. All you are doing is running around in frustrated circles.

Start lifting weights, and if you already are doing it, well done you are on the right track, now you just need a good structured program that will move you forward, especially if you are stuck doing the same old routine for months now because you don’t really know what else to do.

Not to say there is anything wrong with cardio vascular exercise, because it definitely has it’s purpose and benefits if done in moderation. To me, some of the most important benefits of cardio are; to keep my heart healthy, to be fitter and to have more endurance to keep up with my insanely active toddler while in my 40s, and yes at times I do turn to adding a bit of extra cardio to look a little leaner for summer or rock that birthday dress, I only do this periodically, not all year round smashing HIIT or hours on the treadmill or running just for fat loss.

If you want a sculpted, lean, strong, toned body for many years to come tread carefully with doing too much cardio. If you goal isn’t just being thin or having athlete’s endurance, but you also want to look toned, then you need to focus on building muscles. Now when I say building muscles, I don’t mean you need to build huge amount of muscles , but you still need to dedicate a good amount of effort into weight training (not just bodyweight) in order to sculpt your body and make it more firm, dense and youthful.

Why do you want to focus on building muscles even if you carry a bit more body fat in certain areas than you would like to, and you want to reduce it?
Because the more muscle mass you have in your body, then less you will be likely to store fat. Your metabolism will improve, you will have stronger bones, you will age better and work against the natural process of muscle deterioration. You will essentially recomposition your body to burn fat more effectively while looking and feeling more firm and toned. Yes even if you are over 35. It’s not too late, you can very much do this, with kids, full time job and all the bells and whistles that come with being an adult, you can still be a bad-ass fit, strong woman and feel better than you did 10 years ago.

Doing too much cardio is actually counter productive if you want long term results and you want your body too look and feel great as you age. If you sole focus is on cardio and reducing calories to achieve fat loss, you are really cutting yourself short and putting in all that effort for only very short term results.

Cardio burns fat only while you do it, muscles help you burn fat even when you rest. Your body becomes a fat burning machine when you increase your muscle mass. Be mindful and patient this is a process that takes time. Building muscles is hard, especially for women. It may take you at least a year to recomp your body or even longer sometimes. Be patient and be prepared to just start your journey and be consistent with it, the results will come and they will be worth the wait and hard work, I promise you that.

Meanwhile, let’s not throw away cardio out the window just yet, but let’s save it for when you need to get a little leaner for that special occasion like holidays, wedding, big birthday. Because if you rely on cardio all year round to stay lean you will hit a plateau pretty quickly and it will stop working until you increase the amount and intensity.

Always prioritise weight training first and then if you have a bit of spare time throw in 15-20 mins of HIIT a couple of times a week maximum or a few walks, preferably in the fresh air. But keep in mind that overdoing cardio can burn your muscles not just fat. And we DON’T WANT THAT!

And do me one favour please, stop stepping on the scales every Monday morning? It will do nothing for you mentally or physically.

Over and out, finished my oatmeal, off to pick up little monster from childcare.

Hope you have a fabulous week and throw in some barbell hip thrusts while you there.