Mums & Bubs Online Fitness Program

Mums & Bubs Online Fitness Program.


Stuck in social isolation with your little ones and desperate to move your body and clear your mind, join our 8 week online program with virtual social fitness classes included in the program as well as pre-recorded workouts to do in your own time at home.


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Virtual Personal Training is available.



I hear so many mums talk about how much they would love to lose that post baby belly, regain muscle tone and get their fitness back. But so many of them just don’t have the time or energy to commit to a workout routine. And the thought of going to a gym is not only intimidating, but also almost impossible when they have little ones to look after. By the time hubby gets home it’s time to cook dinner, clean up, bath kids, put them to bed etc. and the last thing on their mind is getting dressed up in something that doesn’t have dried up oatmeal stuck on it and driving to a busy gym trying to work out what to do there.


The burning desire to look and feel their best is there, but the time and convenience isn’t. And who can blame them, being a mum is a 24/7 job, so it’s not only time but also energy level is depleted by the time the day is done.


We are not just PTs, we are mums and we understand what it’s like. We are here to help those Inner West Mums who really want to get back on track in a specific time frame with specific goal and specific program completely designed for each individual body type.


No thinking, no planning, no travelling and welcome to workout in your baby food stained PJs in the comfort of your lounge room or backyard, with the bub near-by – leave it all to us. We got your back.


What you get in this absolutely value packed program:


* 2-4 PT sessions per week, currently via Zoom due to COVID-19 social isolation (depending on your availability)
* 20% OFF the package
*  Trainer meets you via Zoom and conducts the session just like in real life, all you need is to download the free app
* Measurements, goal setting and tracking
* Nutrition program customised by a qualified nutritionist valued at $180 (included in the program)
* No equipment workouts, if you don’t have anything at home
* Working on your core and pelvic floor (super important)
* Food diary management & accountability with our nutrtionist
* Easy to prep recipe booklets & new recipes sent to you weekly
* Tips on clean eating for time poor
* Healthy snack ideas for your kids and you
* Ongoing email and phone support from not 1 but 2 of our senior trainers


What our clients are saying…

In Brie’s words.
Brenda is a mum of 4 girls under 8 years old.

Here is a great workout video for you to follow along.

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