Let’s build sexy muscles

3, 6 or 12 months customised program, to get you lean, strong and fierce like never before

Gym, home gym or just free weights

Fully customised to your needs, goals and available equipment

  • Build lean muscles to look toned and reshape your body as well as losing unwanted bodyfat
  • Learn how to shred in an educated way by tracking your macros and fitting in foods you love, no starvation or carb cutting
  • One on one virtual accountability sessions with Liv, fitness model, bodybuilding (fitness division) competitor, a mum and a coach on a mission to transform lives of women who almost lost hope and are tired of yo-yo diets and too much cardio. Is this you?
  • Improve sleep, stamina and energy level and feel powerful
  • Strengthen your core, back, bones and joins for life so you can only get better, stronger and more energetic with age
  • Feel supported and understood
  • Let me personally kick your butt in the best shape it’s ever been

What’s in the program

I will write a training program for you to follow based on your circumstances, 3,4 or 5 day split targeting different body parts and focusing on what you want to build or shape most. The program can be either 3, 6 or even 12 months. You will also get a custom eating plan that will be adjusted as we go to suit your life and goals. No there won’t be a starvation diet or hours of cardio to get you lean, instead you will focus on building your body strong, healthy, agile and fit thought resistance training and short HIIT cardio sessions only a few times per week. No chicken or broccoli diets either, I learnt the hard way and found out you don’t have to eat that to build muscles. The foods you will eat are the foods you like. 

No you won’t get big and bulky on this program, it is the exact program I used to not only prep for the stage in 2016, but to rebuild myself after having my daughter in 2018. I’m actually stronger and more toned now than I was when I competed and I am about to turn 40. Woohoo.

I’m passionate about this way of life because it absolutely transformed my life as a woman, as a mother and as a coach, as well as lives of many women I trained over the past decade. My current clients are absolutely loving their new stronger than ever body. I want to share this with you if you are willing to put in the work, I am here to teach you, support you and push you to be the best you’ve ever been yet. Are you ready to take your body, mind and lifestyle to the next level? 

Ok Liv, that’s great, but I also need to lose weight, (I hear you say). 

You will lose bodyfat with this program and build curves in all the right places, but most importantly your new muscles will help you keep that fat off for many years to come. Are you ready to build some sexy abs with me in 2021? Let’s do it. 


Liv - the owner of Fluro Fitness & founder of the program.

I am almost 40 and I had a daughter 2 years ago, I feel so sad when I hear young women in their 30s tell me that they’ve lost hope getting back in shape or feeling lively and energetic again. They often say “I’m getting old” or “the body is not the same after kids”.

I have a burning desire to show you that you don’t have to feel old or like you’ve lost yourself, you will be so amazed when you see what’s possible. I have proven it over and over again, not just with my own journey, but the journey of mums I have coached and brought back to confident, strong, young women they are. Come with me and I will show you how. It can be done, it’s not out of reach. 

Jess - doctor wanted to shape up and slim down.

Jess is 64 believe it or not and she wanted to get in shape for her daughters wedding which was in 2 months. She completed one of my online programs where I was coaching her with the diet as well. Look at this incredible transformation, despite going through some hormonal imbalances due to menopause. I praise her dedication and for not being afraid to take that 1st step.

Sal - getting ready for her wedding.

I loved training Sal so much, she would push hard and always ask for more, I trained her at her home face to face and along with good nutrition program she killed it. Not only she looked incredible at her wedding, she also rocked that bikini when she went on her honeymoon.

Karen - group fitness client who achieved amazing results

Karen joined our face to face group fitness program with the goal to get stronger, leaner and fitter. She did exactly that. With her commitment and consistency she managed to prove to herself that she could do what she puts her mind to. 

Phoebe - busy mumma of 2 and a uni student.

Phoebe has always put in a 110% into her kids, studies and now fitness. Even thought there were days when it was all super hard and she wanted to sleep in or just have a snack instead, she stuck it out. Not to say the journey was perfect, it never is, but the results speak for themselves. Consistency was what got her there in the end. 

This was not just about herself, it was about showing her children good example that looking after your health is a priority and a non-negotiable just like work, kids and other daily duties. I am so proud of her for doing what she has done with 2 little ones running around  and keeping her on her toes all the time. 


Julia - busy uni student with new found confidence.

Julia was getting ready for her trip to Europe and really wanted to feel confident in her swimmers and clothes, she came to me feeling depressed about her self esteem, at such young age it was really affecting her mentally, not to mention she was going down a bad path with unhealthy eating and strict diets that did not work. All she needed is guidance and support.

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