30 Day FREE Fit Mum Challenge

Beginner & Next Level Versions

  • Are you a mum who struggles to find time to workout?
  • Do you always put everyone else first and never have enough energy to do anything for yourself?
  • Do you want to be confident and zip up those skinny jeans again?

30 Day Challenge for Mums Free in our Mums Only Private FB Group

If you are stuck with motivation to get fit, but really want to get back into exercise this challenge might just be perfect for you.

It’s free and I will be sharing 2 versions with you, for beginners and for those who are already exercising but just need a push to take it to the next level.

No time or confidence yet to go to the gym? No worries. You can do all workouts at home or in the park when you take the bub for a walk in the pram. It’s simple but the next level version will be intense.

I will be there every week keeping you accountable, answering questions and helping you along live in the group.

We won’t be just jumping around and burning fat, we will be working on strengthening, sculpting and toning.

I will be sharing my challenge with you in my group “From Bump To Bikini” so jump in and you will see a video explaining exactly how it works and what’s in the challenge.

Also there is a prize to be won just for participating and sharing with other mums. Check out what it is in the video.

To find out more join click this link to join my group, it will be all in there. 

How to register for this challenge.

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