Good nutrition is extremely important in anyone’s life, especially when you exercise, because when you exercise and then you end up eating junk food or processes fast food, you are undoing all your hard work you’ve put in on those training sessions.

We don’t believe in theory that if you exercise, you can eat what ever you want, but we also don’t believe that you have to be on a diet constantly.

What we do believe at Fluro Fitness is, eat good wholesome fresh nutritious food, exercise frequently and let your self have a cheat meal occasionally. You will appreciate it much more when you have it now and then. Nutritious food does not have to be bland and dry, in Australia we are blessed with amazing variety of fresh produce.

How can we help you with your nutrition.

We can set up a nutrition plan just for you, by firstly finding out your current eating habits, your lifestyle (especially if you are a workaholic) and then we will provide you with a nutrition plan that is realistic and full of variety that will allow you achieve your fitness goals much quicker and more effectively. If you select one of our Personal Training or Buddy Training programs we will organise a nutrition plan for you complimentary to go with your exercise. We will also alter your nutrition program as we go along to make sure it continues working for you and you don’t get bored with it.

We will provide continuous support and advice when you need it.

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